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Anyone looking to improve the safety and endurance of their concrete surfaces should consider installing tough concrete coatings. Here at Invictus Epoxy, our licensed team is committed to helping homeowners and business owners. We know that it takes a lot of work to keep your property functional and attractive, so let us ease the burden. With our Draper outdoor concrete coatings, it is possible to greatly extend concrete’s lifespan, as well as improve its appearance.

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Why Do Concrete Coatings Matter?

On account of its durable nature, concrete is excellent for places that get a lot of foot traffic, like sidewalks, or need to bear weight, like floors and walls. However, concrete should not just be associated with these surfaces, since it is an excellent choice for other spots around a property. Both residences and commercial buildings can benefit from having concrete driveways, patios, decks, ramps, benches, and much more. 

All these surfaces need some kind of coating to help the concrete endure. As tough as concrete may seem at first glance, it is actually marked with little holes and cracks. A concrete coating is important for solidifying these surfaces’ integrity and preserving the concrete’s lifespan. The coating also does a good job at not just eliminating rough irregularities but adding surface friction as well. This helps to prevent family members, guests, friends, or clients from accidentally tripping or falling. Concrete coatings can also increase curb appeal, with a wide range of attractive colors, patterns, and textures. 

Enhance Your Space With Epoxy

How Invictus Epoxy Is Different

  • Scratch Resistant
  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Polyaspartic Top Coat
  • Waterproof & Salt Proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Floor Life Expectancy Up to 30 Years

How Decorative Coatings Can Show Off a Property’s Personality

People often assume that outdoor concrete surfaces, despite their practicality and durability, are not very visually appealing. What often comes to mind is plain grey or white concrete, only usable for places out of sight, like a storage room for a manufacturing plant. In reality, the sky is the limit when you choose a decorative concrete coating. There are multiple options for colors and patterns. These can range from surfaces that imitate natural objects, like wood and stone, or coatings that feature exciting, vibrant colors. 

Homeowners and commercial managers can opt for a selection that matches their unique purpose as well. A college campus could feature bright coatings in the hues of the school’s colors, for example. A private residence might benefit more from subdued, meditative tones. Depending on the purpose, clients can even have unique, textured finishes. Coatings also safeguard surfaces of pool decks, porches, paths, sidewalks, and other outdoor locations. To find out more about our wide scope of decorative options for concrete coatings, call our team at Invictus Epoxy.

If you need outdoor concrete coatings in Draper, contact us at (801) 758-2571.

5-Star Customer Reviews
“We loved working with Levi and the crew at Invictus Floor Coatings. I know this floor will last for a very long time and has drastically increased the look and feel of our garage. All in all, I highly recommend Invictus!” - Rylar M.

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